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  • Already in the newborn and early infant age, we can detect deviations from the norm with a special examination and set the correct psychomotor development with treatment. of the child

  • Through the initial examination, we will determine the need for treatment or just monitoring the child

  • If treatment is necessary, we will train parents in the management of home exercise

  • Through regular inspections, we monitor:

    • level of spontaneous motor development

    • response to positional tests

    • and primitive reflexes

  • The treatment consists in regularly setting the child's body in a precisely defined position and by stimulating   trigger points reflex movements of turning and crawling are induced


  • It is used up to one year or until the beginning of independent walking

  • The method can also be used in adult patients with:

    • serious injuries and operations

    • significantly painful conditions 

    • neurological diseases

    • Post covid syndrome - states afterCovid infection with impaired respiratory function

Before ordering a 30-minute treatment with the Vojt method, it is necessary for your child to complete an "Introduction examination by a doctor" (in the case of an adult - "Physio entry": an initial examination by a physiotherapist).


After completing the entrance examination, select the option "Vojtova method" when ORDERING ONLINE in Trenčín and "Physiotherapy 30 min" in Nové Mesto nad Váhom (in the notes, the age of the child/patient). We thank you!

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