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Private parking in the yard

Short waiting time for examination by physiotherapists 

We treat acute, postoperative and post-traumatic conditions as a priority

Our team



Graduate of the Faculty of General Medicine, Charles University in Prague

I. attestation in Pediatrics

Postgraduate attestation in Physiotherapy, balneology and medical rehabilitation

She is a certified expert in the Mckenzie method of diagnosis and therapy

He has professional competence in rehabilitation treatment according to Mojžišová

Dedicated to myoskeletal medicine and physiotherapist education within the accredited Mobilization Techniques program

She is a specialist in paediatric rehabilitation within the Vojta method 

He is engaged in traditional Chinese medicine-acupuncture, acupressure, banking, moxibustion and treatment with Chinese herbal medicines

Martina Sameková M.D.,
MDT Certified Therapist

Graduate of the Faculty of General Medicine, UPJŠ Košice

I. attestation in Pediatrics

Postgraduate attestation in Physiotherapy, balneology and medical rehabilitation

She is a certified expert in the Mckenzie method of diagnosis and therapy

Dedicated to developmental kinesiology and functional movement disorders; Trained in manual therapy, DNS methodology for children and adults, Basal Stimulation Method, Prechtl Method, SM System, Redcord, and the application of kinesiotape and dynamic tape

She is certified in the STOB behavioral treatment methodology for obesity

Instructor of Pilates level I.+II., MAT I.-III. Ron Fletcher


Mária Hencelová M.D.,
MDT Certified Therapist

Mária Hencelová

Executive director

Managing Director of MS Medical


Preparation and supervision of key projects, development of business strategy and reporting of company activities

Coordination and organization of corporate, project and grant activities

Social media management and marketing

Web support, web management and technical support to the team

President of the MS Medical Civic Association

jazmina samekova msmedical.JPG

Jazmína Sameková

Clinic Trenčín

Operations manager

The soul of our workplace is the operations manager Janka 

She ensures smooth running and administration of the clinic in Trenčín 

Manages and coordinates the entire team of physiotherapists 

She is your first point of contact when making an appointment by phone or in person 

She will give you all the information you need regarding your first visit, check-ups or changes to appointments

janka kubisova prevadzkova manazerka.jpg

Janka Kubisová


Graduate of physiotherapy at St. Elizabeth University in Bratislava

Her domain is paediatric and respiratory physiotherapy; She is a regional expert in the treatment of cystic fibrosis

Specializes in the treatment of disorders of movement development of infants according to Vojta and the treatment of scoliosis according to Schrott

Conducts individual exercises of the SM system

She is a therapist of the Mckenzie method

Is the main guarantor of the accredited Mobilization techniques programme for physiotherapists


Bc. Helena Prívarová


Graduate of the University of Trenčín in Physiotherapy

Certified therapist of McKenzie method

Active coach of young hockey players

Methodologies: MDT, Core complex and DNS used for rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletes


Mgr. Tomáš Kandráč Cert.MDT


Graduate of Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Trenčín

Specialization studies at SZU in Bratislava: physiotherapy of selected diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Therapist of McKenzie method and DNS (dynamic neuromuscular stabilization) in musculoskeletal disorders


Bc. Miroslava Križanová 


Graduate of Bachelor's and Master's degree in Physiotherapy at the Trenčín University of Alexander Dubček

She gained a close relationship with children while training small dance talents, and the idea of using movement as therapy led her to study physiotherapy;

Since the beginning of her studies, she has been working mainly on children's physiotherapy

The complexity and diversity of the field attracts her to continually educate herself to offer the best care to our little ones;

She uses methodologies based on neurophysiology in her work; she deals with babies, children with disabilities, but also with deviations in the healthy development of the musculoskeletal system of otherwise healthy children 

She also deals with gynaecological physiotherapy in the treatment of postpartum diastasis


Bc. Terézia Kovaľová


Kvetka has a wide knowledge of different massage techniques

In Slovakia she has obtained certificates in classical and relaxation massage as well as a certificate in Dorn's method combined with Breuss massage

Her specialty is also cosmetic lymphatic drainage of the body and face; she received her course in reflexology massage in Zurich  

Thanks to her professional skills and many years of experience, she is an expert in her field


Kvetka Šiveňová

Clinic Nové Mesto nad Váhom

Physiotherapist and Operations Manager

Graduated from SZŠ in the field of masseur, bachelor degree in Physiotherapy at IFBLR in Piešt'any, master degree at TUAD in Trenčín

She has many years of experience working as a physiotherapist in Austria

Specializes in gynecological issues and physiotherapy of functional infertility

She deals with pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis and incontinence treatment

Leads individual and group exercises with children and adults focusing on a healthy back

She is a therapist of the Mckenzie Method and the SM system

She manages the operation and administration of clinic in Nové Mesto nad Váhom

janka-školnikova-fyzioterapeut-nove mesto nad vahom gynekologicka fyzioterapia.jpg

Mgr. Jana Školníková

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