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McKenzie method

Mechanical diagnostics and therapy, the so-called The McKenzie system is a set of examination and treatment of the movement system of the spine, limb joints and soft tissues, which brings significant and rapid pain relief.

​The basis is:

  • accurately compiled anamnesis

  • clinical examination, where the therapist uses repeated movements to search for a direction that  reduces and eliminates pain and restriction of movement

  • after establishing a mechanical diagnosis, the patient independently and regularly performs mostly one exercise, always checks its result and thereby actively participates in the elimination of the problem

  • correct posture and ergonomics are an integral part of the healing process

  • the reliability of the Mckenzie classification and the success of the treatment is confirmed by many scientific studies 

For treatment with the McKenzie method, it is necessary to book an initial 60-minute examination either directly with a physiotherapist or with a doctor. After completing this examination, you can book a follow-up 30- or 60-minute treatment.

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