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Gas injections

Gas injections are a reflex healing procedure in which medicinal carbon dioxide (CO2) is injected into the subcutaneous tissue with tiny needles. It is used for acute and chronic pains of the locomotor system. It is safe and non-toxic. The effect is pain relief and improved joint mobility.

Application in a series of 5-10 applications is suitable.


Therapeutic effects:

  • significant pain relief

  • improvement of blood circulation in the muscles and around the joints of the limbs and spine

  • increasing the amount of oxygen in the skin

  • alleviation of headache and neck pain in migraines



  • cardiac decompensation

  • bleeding conditions and the use of anti-coagulant drugs

  • severe forms of diabetes

  • significant edema

  • pregnancy up to the fifth month

  • thyroid disease

  • epilepsy

  • acute thrombophlebitis

  • acute infectious disease

Patient before gas injections must undergo a consultation with a doctor.

Procedure IT'S NOT covered by health insurance.


Administration of 1 gas injection: €5

You can make your appointment by phone at 0911 106 115 or online after completing a mandatory CONSULTATION by PM&R physician (look for it in section "Other" when booking online).

Instructions for the patient AFTER gas injections:

  • After the procedure, there is a 30-minute rest period

  • On the day of the procedure, you should drink enough fluids

  • In the event that you do not feel well or feel pain at the injection site or other adverse effects occur, these facts must be reported to the doctor.

Adverse effects:

  • Minor bruising may occur in the treated areas

  • During the course of the application, it is sometimes possible to feel freezing, burning or itching, which stops after a while.

Treatment with gas injections is currently possible only in our patients at Trenčín clinic paid in full, not covered by health insurance, after passing the "Introduction examination by a doctor" - 60 minutes. You can complete this examination as a self-payer, but also for a health insurance company if you have an exchange ticket or application form.

Make an appointment with us for an entrance examination in Trenčín:

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